Hewlett Packard Support Services

Hewlett Packard is a famous brand in the world of computer and technology, Hewlett Packard provides a huge number of products and accessories for a lots of important tasks on day to day basis. Hewlett Packard manufactures different varieties of computer and printers. Recently, Hewlett Packard has launched a series of new computers called ‘Hewlett Packard stream’, which have marked a revolution in the world of daily computing, with their cutting edge technology a laptop which is powered by Intel i7, 8th generation processor and weighs only 2.5lbs. Similarly, HP has launched a series of highly efficient printers and scanners that are capable of varied forms of application. Certain printers like Hewlett Packard laser-jet pro printers are capable of printing fine pages with its laser-jet technology, these printers are also capable of using email to print function that enables one to print directly from the printer using email function from the print screen, this new form of printer has mitigated the use of fax machines. As there are different printer and computer types a user can encounter with a lot of issues, that requires troubleshooting at various levels. There are certain number of issue that can only be fixed by rigorous troubleshooting, often times a user can take assistance from a live technician who can apply his/her expertise in troubleshooting the most complex issues. Mostly, there are times when a user calls in for a computer that’s not booting up, a printer not printing or showing offline status, cartridge jam, ink system failure, paperjam, printhead issues and so on.

At Hewlett Packard Support we apply our years of expertise to fix most malignant problems with the most sophisticated devices(Computer and printers). Our team of technicians come across with various issues related to both printers and computers. Very often a user calls us for issues related to no boot on a computer. As no boot is a very complicated issue it requires hardcore troubleshooting and sometimes can also require part replacement. Our technicians can not only help in the troubleshooting but also help in part replacement. Computer also come across with windows related issues where the windows gets corrupted and cannot work. Our technicians help in the process of windows repair and re installation of windows. Certain older versions of windows like windows vista, XP, windows 7 can also be fixed by our team. Issues such as, slow computer performance can rapidly be fixed by instant troubleshooting and manual cleanup. At Hewlett Packard Support critical issues like virus infection or spyware problem can also be fixed in short time with the help of our support engineers.With help of our years of expertise in the field of computer troubleshooting, our team can quickly diagnose the issues and fix them in a shortest time possible. Certain hardware issues when the hardware of a computer needs to be repaired or replaced requires can also be fixed locally with our guidance and assistance. We also offer door step service for certain hardware issues related to the computer. With the support of our team at Phone Support Services we, generously offer free printer troubleshooting and fixation. Our technicians provide assistance for every type of printer problem.

We often get printer problem such as, printer offline, printer jam, ink system failure, cartridge installation issues etc. Certain problems like printer offline can occur due to various reasons like slow internet, virus and spyware problem, network issues and hardware problems. Printer offline is the most commonly occurring issue in a printer it generally occurs due to change in internet connection type, printer used after some period of time and proximity issues. Issues such as paper jam can be fixed by removing the clogged paper from print outlet, and then cleaning ink cartridges. Ink system failure can be fixed by reinstalling and manually cleaning of  print head from the computer. Many a times a user gets blank sheet of paper from the print outlet, this generally occurs in a new printer because sometimes a user may forget to remove a fine plastic film from the exposed part of the cartridge. Issues related to the printer display not working and certain other hardware issues can also be fixed by our doorstep service, which can be made available in 48-72 hours. Hewlett Packard Support is a third party support provider that works as an independent entity, we are not affiliated to any brand or manufacturer.